About Me

Hi! I'm Deti, a second grader at Prishtina High School, and I'm the kid who came up with the idea of Brain Hero. I love books a lot! Sometimes, I read stories and think about adventures in my head that no one has written about yet. I think it would be super cool to write those stories myself.

Imagine the Place

The story behind the Brain Hero

One day, after a really tough day at school, Dad and I went to a bookstore. I was looking at all the books and thought, “Why can't I make a place where any kid can create their own books without having to buy them?“ That's how I came up with Brain Hero! Brain Hero is our cool Artificial Intelligence friend who helpes people make great art and science. He's still learning and getting better, and he'll be ready to help us make awesome stories really soon!

I'm learning to program and am super interested in artificial intelligence. I want to be an author and an AI engineer when I grow up so I can build things. My dad and I are now building Brain Hero together. It's going to be awesome because you can write and read your very own books!

Can't wait to see what stories you'll create in Brain Hero!

Stay curious,


Imagine the Place

Cool Features of Brain Hero

  • Best AI Model: We have a extreemly fast and smart AI models that can make books really, really fast! It can make hundreds of pages in just a few seconds, which is way faster than you can read a book!
  • Easy Story Creation: Simple and fun form to fill out your story details. Helpful prompts to get your ideas flowing. Instant creation of story outlines.
  • Interactive Stories: Chat with Brain Hero to learn more about your story. Ask questions about the characters, places, and plot. Get fun facts and cool information.
  • Beautiful Pictures: Amazing artwork to bring your story to life. Custom pictures based on your story details. Visual storytelling to make reading fun.
  • Read and Listen: Read your story anytime, anywhere. Listen to your story being read aloud. Great for bedtime stories or sharing with friends and family.
  • Share Your Stories: Share your story with family and friends. Get feedback and enjoy your creations together. Build your own library of amazing stories.

Ready to Become a Story Hero?

Join Brain Hero today and start creating your own incredible adventures. It’s easy, fun, and full of magic! Let your imagination soar and become a hero of your own stories.